Is it possible to represent a lifetime bymeans of a simple stroke? Do we contemplate the becoming of that life with a line? To what extent is necessary an electrocardiogram to see the life heartrates?

With all the enthusiasm of the world to make and to think it with all the posibleswhich it offer us –and by taking into account the absence of contents within ina large extent of contemporary arts, asimple stroke borns. A design proposal which has its rasion d’être lies inthe use of other cartographies to narrate the becoming that has brought us herein a simple, aesthetics and pleasant way.

Cause we believe in the magic of themoving point which the line is–captured in a simple stroke– and wesee in it a powerful element to learn –and to aprehend– the life –even thoughit is one of its multiple moments– by playing with the grooves of its energy,which floats, flows and moves around everywhere.

What does a simple stroke enclose? Whatdoes it open? What does it separate? What does it hide? What does it suggest?

Here is its magic, here is its force,here is its teaching… because withthis line, children, old people–youngs and adults included– can pleasantly enjoy –by interacting with it– totry to guess the questions whichcome from it.

What city is under a line? What face doesit delimit? What object does it enclose?

Join us to discover it through all the products that we spread, which have beenthought and made to approach –by means of a simple stroke and in a different way– the beautiful complexityof life that arises, surrounds us and moves here and there.

Magic, riddles, education, amusement, arts, design… What a simple stroke spreads! Isn’t it?

A simple stroke, an idea of Mary White